Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. If you are looking at this site and thinking about coming to see a counsellor you have taken a step in the right direction already.
 Many people come to counselling and psychotherapy to explore issues like relationships, depression, anxiety, anger, suicide, trauma, bereavement, grief, loss, sexual abuse, eating disorders, emotional crisis, work stress, bullying, self- esteem and personal growth. The experience of being listened to, together with being able to put into words what is troubling you, can in itself give relief and be healing.  
 I understand that this can be a difficult process and you will be guided through it at a pace you’re comfortable with – in a gentle, confidential environment. Whether it is one issue or a chain of events that holds you back, counselling can help you overcome these and take back control of your life and find inner peace.
So  you've got this far and I imagine you're feeling apprehensive, anxious and possibly even a bit scared about picking up the phone. I understand that.
 It's not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Speaking to someone outside your family or circle of friends can be a great relief. Someone who will listen, who won't judge you, someone who will always keep your problems confidential. 


Think about this . . . You've got nothing to lose by picking up the phone and talking to me. It's an investment in yourself and it could be one of the best decisions you've ever made.


"A Journey of a Thousand Miles,

Must begin with a Single Step"





 To Make an Appointment Call Me on: 0877871394 or use the Form on my Contact Page.